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Kevin CaseyHondacure Automotive Specialists is now in its 23rd year of serving Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. ( Pictured to the right is owner Kevin Casey (me) at a much younger thinner stage in life).*

  I've made it my "mission" to run this  business with an emphasis on providing  honest, thoughtful,  quality repair and maintenance for my customers' vehicles.   We have a well-equipped shop set up to perform virtually all  mechanical  services  ranging from preventative maintenance to comprehensive diagnostics for computer controls and fuel management systems.  My technicians and I are experienced with the little nuances of your Japanese vehicle .  We combine that experience with quality parts and up-to-date diagnostic resources and equipment, to make your car perform for you at its best.

(But now... MORE ABOUT ME !!!  ; -) . I moved to Austin in 1983 to attend The  University of Texas and amongst my most cherished and formative Austin experiences was  living at the 100 member College Houses ( "21st Street") Co-op. I graduated from U.T. and after a 3 year stint (WORKING) at the Austin State Hospital,  I attended Texas State Technical Institute (in Waco) in the Automotive Technical Program. 


Hondacure Automotive Specialists